Apr 19

“If organizations aren’t committing resources of some kind (manpower or money) to addressing the problem, I don’t believe they are actually interested in structural changes. My recruiting assistance may help my community get entry level positions, but the fundamental power dynamic within the organization won’t change. When they’re asking me for free advice without any incurring any additional costs, they demonstrate an interest in mitigating the risk of a negative press cycle, not in solving a problem.” —

Anthea Watson Strong, "It’s Not My Job To Fix Your Pipeline Problem.”

For those of us who are regularly asked for free recruiting help/implicitly blamed when lineups aren’t diverse because we failed to properly locate a candidate, this is a richly satisfying read.

Read, recommend, and share. This is one to bookmark. 

Apr 16

Heartbleed Redesign


Thanks to the Heartbleed Virus, Tumblr went ahead and changed all the formatting across their blogs, defaulting to a singularly fugly design with no inkling of how to get back to the previous look.  So - CTR got its first redesign since June 2010. Hope you like the freshening of our color scheme, tagline and all our social media icons n’stuff. We also gave our avatar a makeover, retiring Liberty and subbing in Rosie

There. Now you are up to date! Now go out and spend all that dough you made on Equal Pay Day. Oh, wait

Apr 12


Apr 11

"I’d recently been fired from a short-lived gig in a Nolita bistro, after the owner discovered I was a Virgo and felt this was incompatible with her Aries." -

Glynnis MacNicol’s great “Willing To Be Lucky" from TheLi.st @ Medium: "I sometimes wonder if luck may be weirdly harder to come by these days when so much of the world is discoverable without actually moving." Cue the Oculus Rift. Excerpted from The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women

I think I love @rachelsklar. Honest and down to earth words about the need (and failed attempts) of diversity in companies. #PSFK2014

— Amadeo Plaza (@amadeoplaza)
April 11, 2014

Best tweet from today’s Women/Diversity panel at the PSFK Conference. I may have urged everyone in the crowd to buy tampons for the office. As I said, it’s not that we’re too cheap to buy our own - it’s that sometimes, you really need one to just be there. 

Apr 10

Here’s Everything Women Could Buy if They Got Paid the Same as Men

Great #EqualPayDay post from Elizabeth Plank and Soraya Chemaly. They break it down: 

Even the useful 77 cents-to-the-dollar statistic is partially misleading because it looks at the median earnings of all full-time employed women against the earnings of full-time employed white men, leaving race and ethnicity out of the equation. Here’s the granular breakdown. White men in the United States make:

·      47% more than Hispanic and Latina women

·      40% more than American-Indian and Alaskan Native women

·      36% more than African-American women

·      34% more than Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women

·      21% more than white women and

·      13% more than Asian women.

Wage gap deniers, who, let’s be honest, often happen to be white males (can someone please start a Tumblr called White Guys Who Don’t Know The Gap Exists?) will tell you that women just choose professions that make less money. Sorry wage gap deniers, but that argument just doesn’t add up. The Bureau of Labor Statistics catalogs 534 job types — men make less than women in precisely seven of them.

Apr 09